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“I'm impressed with Social Opinion. As an author, my online presence is very important. Social Opinion is helping increase my followers & deliver valuable content.”
“Social Opinion is a fantastic tool that offers valuable insights & analytics that go far beyond Twitter's built-in features.”
“Having a good tool to organize your content is a boost for your productivity. You can schedule content for a week in a matter of seconds. That's why I love SocialOpinion”


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Understand metrics, followers, when to post, and things that you care about.


Write, schedule, and publish content in single click.


Works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

Content Scheduler

Create content in advance and optimise your content creation process.

  • Create daily, weekly or monthly content in one sitting
  • Automatically sends content for you 24x7 with no intervention
  • Automatically cross-post to LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram
  • Automatic retweet to help you widen reach
  • Evergreen Tweets to help you repurpose content
  • Supports multiple timezones to help grow your online presence

In depth analytics makes it easy for you to quickly see how your Twitter account is performing. Use it to surface:

  • Follower growth:- identify when this occurs and by how much
  • Metrics:- Replies, Likes, Impressions, Retweets, Clicks & Quotes
  • Top Repliers:- who likes to keep the conversation going?
  • Top Tweets:- what is your best or worst performing content?
Follower Database

Helps you better understand your existing followers. Use this to:

  • Search against your existing followers
  • Filter followers by username, description and location
  • Find followers by profession, interest or the things they care about
Follower Growth

A quick way to visualise follower growth or churn.

  • Identify spikes or dips in your follower numbers
  • Use dates to cross reference which content was responsible
  • Adjust your content and see the daily effects on follower growth
Follower Intelligence

Real-time follower intelligence from tweets they share. Use this to:

  • Understand what your followers care about
  • Identify products, places, people and businesses followers discuss
  • Better serve your followers
Follower Heatmap

When do you followers tweet? How often do they tweet? The follower heatmap tells you this. Use this to:

  • Understand the days and times your followers are posting tweets
  • Pinpoint the best time to schedule and share content
  • Identify busy periods, maximise your reach, influence and engagement
Search Your Tweets

Tweet Audit helps search and filter your tweets. Use this to:

  • Find your most or least popular content
  • Filter and Sort tweets by date, replies, likes and impressions
  • Create evergreen content in a single click from popular content
  • Optimise your content creation strategy
Multiple Twitter Accounts

More than one Twitter account? Use the Linked Accounts feature to connect multiple accounts to a single subscription.

  • All your accounts in one place
  • Perfect for personal and business users
  • Cost effective for startups
Cleanup your Twitter Account

Bulk Delete and Single Tweet make it easy for you to cleanup your Twitter Account in 2 clicks.

  • Remove low value tweets from your account
  • Bulk Delete a collection of Tweets from search results
  • Remove a single Tweet at a time from the results

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How does Social Opinion work ?

Login using your existing Twitter account. Social Opinion will ingest some of your followers and Tweets. Background services will then process the remaining Tweets and followers.

There is a feature I'd like which is not supported, can I request it?

Yes! We actively encourage the suggestion of new features from users. Please contact us.

How often is my data refreshed?

Your data is refreshed daily. Some datasets however are refreshed more often.

Is Social Opinion safe to use ?

Yes. Your data is stored safely on Microsoft Azure. We only use the data we need to. We dont have access to your Twitter password.