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Social Opinion identifies important metrics related to your account.


Dashboards help you easily visualise and understand your data.


My Analytics

All metrics you care about in one screen such as likes, impressions, replies and more.

Track Followers

Easily identify follower growth or churn and the dates/times it occurs.

Audit Dashboards

Drill into the detail using Audit Dashboards for Follower Growth, Tweets and Replies.

Content and User Engagement

Top Repliers and Top Tweets tables to surface most popular content and engaged users.


User friendly graphical dashboard to easily visualise your data. Quickly find signal in the noise.


Hosted on Microsoft Azure. Your data is safe.

Visualise Key Metrics

With over 500 million Tweets being sent each day, it pays to analyse the public conversation.

Social Opinion can analyse in real-time how your Twitter account is performing. Visualise key metrics using easy to understand tiles and dashboards.

Notice a spike or drop in a key metric? Click on the barchart column to see the underlying data that was responsible.

Track your Followers

Are you building a loyal following or are they tuning out?

Your followers can help increase brand awareness, improve organic SEO and web traffice. They can also help promote your product or service. Use the Follower Audit feature to quickly identify follower growth or churn.

Get Started

Who likes to keep the conversation going?

Use the Top Repliers feature to quickly identify who commonly engages with you on Twitter for your selected reporting period. Clicking on the link will let you directly engage with your Top Replier.

Your most popular Tweets

Use the Top Tweets feature to see which content is making the most impact. This can help give you inspiration for your next collection of Tweets.


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